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ACLing 2018

Dubai, UAE
November 17 to 19






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ACLing is a series of international conferences devoted to Arabic computational linguistics (CL), intelligent text processing, natural language processing (NLP), human language technologies (HLT), natural-language human-computer interaction (HCI), and speech processing and speech recognition (SR).

Their topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Arabic language, text processing, computational morphology, tagging, stemming, syntactic analysis, parsing and shallow parsing, chunking, recognizing textual entailment, ambiguity resolution, semantic analysis, pragmatics, lexicon, lexical resources, dictionaries and machine-readable dictionaries (MRD), grammar, anaphora resolution, word sense disambiguation (WSD), machine translation (MT), information retrieval (IR), information extraction (IE), document handling, document classification and text classification, text summarization, text mining (TM), and spell checking (spelling).